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Body Guarding 

​We serve all of the UK. Who would benefit from close protection? Close Protection Services aren’t just for celebrities, the rich and famous or high net worth individuals. We provide security and peace of mind for companies, families and individuals. When there is a real risk from a threat, businesses and organisations have a duty of care to their employees and ensure that they safe at all times. An example of this requirement is the fact that our services are regularly employed by insolvency practitioners (IPs) and administrators to look after their staff. When dealing with business administrations and liquidations, the situation can become hostile. Their employers know that their staff can be seen as unwelcome visitors to a company or organisation that is in financial difficulties. Whether you require a single operative or a larger scale close protection team, we will be happy to accommodate your needs and provide you with world class service. You can always rely on Sec Tech UK for a truly professional security experience.The process to hiring a body guardFirstly we’ll discuss your needs and ascertain how our services fit in with your day-to-day activities. The more we know the better we can protect. After the initial consultation, we’ll get together or discuss over the phone what you would be comfortable with. We spend a great deal of time understanding the type of lifestyle and routine that our clients have on a day to day basis. This allows us to carefully plan and create relevant contingencies to help minimise the potential threats and risks. By only employing experienced individuals, our teams can always provide professional security solutions. Then we make a comprehensive plan which is documented to ensure that any risk is mitigated down to the absolute minimum. The correct approach and resources for any protective assignment is carefully assessed by intelligence gathered to evaluate the risks from potential threats. We’ll come back to you with a plan and you’ll be introduced to your close protection professional. Here VIP protection services we always provide discreet, specialised and confidential protection services. With minimal disruption to both the client’s private and professional life, our trained experts deliver both security and peace of mind to our clients. All our close protection operative are skilled professionals and tend to be sourced from military or police backgrounds. This means that they are experienced in handling dangerous and volatile situations.

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