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Our Story


Over the years, our team has provided VIP Body Guards for lots of important people like the vice president of Somalia. our trained bodyguards know exactly what it takes to ensure their clients are safe at all times. Discretion is at the core of their services. That means that they are absolutely confidential, giving you valuable reassurance.

When a client entrusts the experts with their safety, they make sure to offer nothing but the best. They aim to establish ongoing relationships with their clients, and have done so with many VIP clients. They now provide their close protection services to a large number of people throughout the United Kingdom. Whether you require a personal bodyguard or an executive security package, they can assist.Sometimes, you might require a close level of security. In this case, the close protection package is perfect for you. You can choose a fully trained and experienced bodyguard to protect you no matter what. Just state when you need the bodyguards, and for how long. The team cater their services to the personal needs of their clients, so if you have any concerns or requests, don't hesitate to ask.When the experts say that they offer VIP security around the UK, We really mean it. Their bodyguards will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you are as safe as possible. Many people depend on the team with this important task, and the experts never let a customer down. When you hire the knowledgeable bodyguards, they will prioritise your safety at all times, so you can get on with your daily life as normal, and without any worry either. 


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